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Abroad Yog Report just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

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Abroad Yog

Abroad yog in kundli
Is there a abroad yog in Kundli
Till some time ago, foreign travel was considered to be very difficult and expensive. But now foreign travel is considered prosperous and foreign travel in India is considered to be the best of its kind. People do not go abroad for the growth of physical wealth abroad, but also for their educational advancement, for the treatment of disease, on deputations in the job and for the promotion of spirituality. In modern times, it is considered to be successful in travel or foreign jobs in travel or foreign, therefore every person wants to get a chance to travel abroad and get an opportunity to work in foreign and do business abroad; however, no foreign travel or employment in abroad is not so easy to think or to wish for. According to astrology, it is possible for only those in whose horoscope there is abroad yog in kundli. Through this article, we will tell you what is the reason that makes possible, for a person to earn employment abroad or is there an abroad yog in kundli.

According to astrology, this fact is kept in mind while considering employment or employment in foreign travel or foreign. Long journey is seen from the ninth house. With this, Dwadash Bhaav main goal is to go abroad and stay abroad. Eighth house: Water or sea travel is the factor. Dvadash is the factor of foreign travel and sea travel. The seventh house is the factor of business travel. Ninth house: The factor of long journeys is. Third house is the factor of small trips. Moon and Jupiter are seen for abroad yog in kundli foreign travel from the sea. Saturn and Rahu are seen for foreign travel from airplanes.
The condition of abroad yog in kundli in astrology is seen from sin planets i.e. Shani, Mangal, Rahu and Ketu along with the fourth and outer quote in the horoscope or their relationship with their owners. It means that the sum of the permanent resident in the permanent place of living in the permanent place is made in the place. With this yoga, the impact of sinful planets on the fourth house has been considered necessary. That is, no sin in the house is found in the house or it appears. The seventh and the outer quote or the interconnected relationship between their owners takes the native away after the marriage. If this yoga is in the horoscope then the person finds success in getting a visa after marrying abroad or after marrying a foreign origin person. With regards to the fifth and outer sense, the ownership of their respective owners becomes the abroad yog in kundli of going abroad for education. The person in this yoga can go abroad to study.

Astrologically to be employed in Foreign or do business in abroad Tenth and twelfth bhaav or their Owners in combination, gives the opportunity to business or job opportunities abroad. The fourth and the ninth house can relate to the person due to father's business or with the help of father's wealth abroad. Ninth and twelfth bhaav can take a person abroad for business or religious travel. In this yoga, the father of a native also belongs to foreign trade or religious traditions. Even if the bride is in seventh house, the person can go abroad. The yoga of Rahu and the moon can be taken in any sense by taking away the person from his or her home country or place of birth. It is mandatory to have good condition in the horoscope along with all these formulas, otherwise this yoga is not fruitful or the person has to face loss and humiliation when going abroad.

According to Bhrugh Samhita Shastra, if the moon is in eighth house, then the native marriage marries and lives abroad. And the Sun in the marriage takes the Jatakas abroad. According to Shastra Phaladipika, the Moon Jatak located in the ninth house has been considered as the reason for going abroad. According to Vardh Parashar Hora, if Venus is in the sixth, eighth, twelfth house of planet Venus, then the person travels abroad. And if Ketu is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth place from the sun, then the person of the sun goes in the direction of Ketu and Ketu. And if you are a master of high or a self-master, who is in the center of the wedding, or in the triangle, then in the condition of Rahu and the master's desire, the person goes abroad and travels to the countries of the west direction. And if there is Ketu in the state of Rahu, or the sun is a star, then the person travels abroad i.e. there is abroad yog in kundli.

Please Note: This article is written by looking at the envisaged situation. In the horoscope, in the foreign travel or foreign jobs, the opportunities for business or business opportunities can be increased by fixing the owners of fourth, seventh, eighth, tenth and sixth house. For this, some remedies of the Lal Kitab, Rudraksh and Gemstone and mantra rituals are taken.