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Marriage astrologer just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report

According to astrology compatibility analysis the major factor for Marriage delay are

As per astrology compatibility for marriage by date of birth marriage are going on in the seventh month of Mercury and Venus, marriage takes place in half age. Quote Tue fourth or passion (childhood) containing, VII Saturn in Virgo, then sat in Haksptm interest in marriage is not marriage and late master statements. Moon in the seventh house makes late master wedding, same old moon with the amount considered. VII is an owner of the sacral sense, not an auspicious planet Yogkark, in that case the delay of marriage is in boy's horoscope or Rashipti sees Haksury Tue Wed passion are, and then sitting in twelfth spiritual master is delayed more than being married Klgn in the seventh and twelfth is not a factor in the yog master or auspicious planet, moon, weak sense of family is not married, even if the marriage happens then there will be problem of childlessness. In the women's horoscope if Saturn is the sufferer one then there are chances of delay in marriage, or Rahu VII to the victims, the marriage breaks down and it causes mental confusion.
Perfect Marriage yog as per Astrology compatibility for marriage by date of birth: just mail us you date of birth, birth time and birth place and we will calculate your marriage yog according to astrology compatibility analysis. Also there are few points where we can get an idea about perfect marriage yog:

  1. Venus occurs in the Mahadasha of moon when marriage of Divguru comes.
  2. In the Mahadasha of the lord of the tenth house, when the gap between the owner of the eighth house is born, even then there is a marriage.
  3. If there is another planet from Venus in the horoscope, then in the Mahadasha of this planet, the marriage episode is fixed in the interval between Guru, Venus and Saturn.
  4. Marriage takes place on Devguru
  5. If the owner of Mahadasha VIIis running, then the marriage in that (seventh) house is sure to get married in the interval between Jupiter and Saturn.
  6. When the owner of the seventh house is owned by the owner and the owner of the Venus, there is a marriage between the charioteer and the guru.

Other yog that is also considered in Astrology compatibility:

  1. Lennesh, when it came to the sixth house in the sixth house.
  2. When Venus and Saptamesh are together, then in the condition of Saptamesh,
  3. In the horoscope of Saptamesh in the horoscope of marriage, moon and Venus in the horoscope.
  4. Whatever the number of the Moon and the Moon, the number of the Moon, the number of Ashtesh, the amount of money coming in, the transit Guru coming in.
  5. When the transit master came in the sum of the sum of the sum of the relinquish sum of lannesh-saptamesh, etc.
  6. In the difference between Dashamesh's Mahadasha and Ashthamas.
  7. When Saptamesh-Venus is in the moonlight, the moon comes in the moon.
  8. In the condition of the planet that is in the second degree, the condition of that planet.

Hindrances yog in the marriage
While the astrology compatibility experts predict marriage the most important factor found - 6, 8, 12 places in the horoscope are considered inauspicious. Mars, Saturn, Rahu-Ketu and Sun are considered as cruel planets. Due to their inauspicious condition, there is a decrease in the couple's happiness. It is possible to obstruct marital happiness, if the Saptamadhipati is in Dashash Bhav, and Rahu is in the marriage. It is possible to decrease marital happiness by being the seventh person with a dhadhadhadhipta. Separation can be generated even if there is a conflict between the superintendent of the Dashashastra and the Supreme Dictator. Shani-Rahu, who is situated in the marriage, also reduces in the couple's happiness. If Saptamesh is in the sixth, the eighth or the divine sense, it is possible to decrease marital happiness. If the relation of chestnut is related to second, seventh, second, second, saptamadhipati or Venus, the enjoyment of married life is interrupted. The sixth house is also the price of the court. If there is a combination of Saptamesha Sightha in sixth house, or if there is a combination of Suhshatha, Saptamesh or Venus, it is also possible to have a judicial struggle between husband and wife. If marriage is done only after removing the horoscope obstacles by matching the horoscope before marriage, So there is no shortage of marital happiness. Which planet in the horoscope of somebody is bringing a decline in married life? Consult a specialist for this.
The main factors of marriage yog while calculating astrology compatibility:

The owner of the seventh house is bad or right, he is sitting in his house or sitting in another place and looking at his house. The seventh house is not visible to any other sinful planet. There is no sin sitting in seventh-seventh. If there is even sum in the seventh house. Saptamesh and Venus are in sum. Saptamesh is powerful. There is no planet in the seventh. No sin is on the part of the planet, the seventh house and Saptamesh. The second seventh owner of the twelfth house is in the center or triangle, and is disturbed by the master. There is no cruel planet in the next house of Saptamesh or in the seventh house.