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Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report

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Can we get married just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report

Can we get married

Here you will find marriage delay solution of all sorts and also find the answer for “can we get married”. If there is any marriage dosh found in your horoscope then there are chances of late marriage. Mangal dosh is a common dosh found in a girl's or boy's horoscope. There are majority of the people in our nation in whom mangal dosh is found in their horoscope which has become the prime marriage dosh in delay of the marriage. And hence, we have come out for you y providing services for you're for marriage delay solution. The marriage age of your children have come but still your child is unmarried and if any chances are there for the marriage then several of hindrances come in your path and all this is due o marriage dosh found in a native's kundali.
Some of the marriage delay solution are mentioned over here; like if mangal dosh is found in your child's horoscope then he or she must sleep in a North-West direction room. According to the Parihar Shastra you must keep banana plant in your daughter's room and Vat tree plant in your son's room to get rid of the mangal dosh found in the seventh and eighth house of the horoscope.
If marriage dosh is found in your son's horoscope then he must worship Lord Hanuman ji and also must keep fast on every Tuesdays. And the girl must keep fast of Manglagauri for complete five years. It is believed that due to this marriage delay solution a girl will never become widow till old age. With the help of marriage prediction everyone will able to know an approximate time of your marriage and the problem in case available within the kundli. Marriage Prediction will help to solve the problem or upcoming problem early so that when you will in your best astrological time frame you can get maximum of benefit via marriage prediction. Also we are providing best astrological solution as per your grah dosha.

Marriage Astrology - can we get married?
At present, there is considerable delay in the marriage when youths are more concerned about their higher education or better career. Because of the children’s insecurity, parents also agree that delay in the marriage is delayed due to their children's good future and unless they are self-dependent. In the cases of delay in marriage it would be good that the problem to be solved by a well-experienced astrologer by showing the horoscope find out the obstacle in the marriage and resolve the problem by resolving it.
According to the astrological point of view when the marriage yog is being performed and at that period if the marriage doesn’t happen then there are chances of delay in the marriage. Parents as well children themselves become very worried about marriage. However, the reason for delaying the marriage is also to be demanding of the children. yog of their marriage dates back to 27, 29, 31, 33, 35 and 37 years. When the marriage of the young men and women is delayed, then by knowing the condition of their planets, when the weddings of marriage are made, they can know. In the year when both Saturn and Guru see the seventh house or the wedding, then the yog of marriage is created. Sadhamesh Mahadasha-Inddhasha or Vaastu-Guru's Mahadasha-Vidyarthi makes a strong contribution to marriage. Marriage is possible in the Mahadasha-intercept of the planet sitting in the seventh house or sitting with Saptamesh and a can we get married astrology covers all the points very carefully.