Gajkesari Yog just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Gajkesari Yog (199/- Only @ 50% off); package contains:

  1. Ask one Question (like when will you get married, about your marriage life, etc.)
  2. Handmade Tewa (just like Astrological Kundli)
  3. Astrological Solution (Dosha Upay, Puja or Gemstone Suggestion)
  4. Report availability: (Hindi and English)
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Gajkesari Yog just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report

Gajkesari Yog

Gajkesari Yog
Several auspicious and inauspicious formulas have been described in astrology.Gajkesari Yog is known as auspicious fruitful Yog in auspicious form.
Gajkesari Yog is placed in the category of extraordinary totals. The person who have Gajkeari Yog present in his or her kundali then that person does not have to face any problems or hindrances in their life. The person who is born with this Gajkesari Yog comes to draw money, fame and name automatically. When the guru and moon are full factor in the horoscope then this Yog is formed. In the place there is cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries or Scorpio, and then this factor is considered with effect. However, it is considered to be fruitful even though it is auspicious, but it is moderate. 1, 4, 7, 10 in the center of the moon from the moon, Jupiter becomes Gajkesari Yog. Apart from this, this Yog is made even if Jupiter is with the moon. Occasionally when these planets become low, such as when in the life of the planet, in the death of old age or old age etc., by doing astrological measures to increase the effect of this Yog, this Rajyog is increased and the person gets more benefits.
Awareness and solutions for all problems related to Astrology and Vastu Shastra
Astrology is an important and ancient scripture, therefore the basis of our Vedic eternal culture - Vedas have been considered as the eye. Just as the person is unable to do many tasks even when the whole body is in the absence of the eye, so it is difficult to assess the possible good and bad events happening in the future without the knowledge of astrology. Baba Vishwanath is the oldest sacred holy place in Kashi, which is situated on the banks of the life-style Ganges. It is believed that it has not been eradicated from era to era. It is indestructible and is still the center of ancient tradition and religion of India. "Gyanswaroopa Kashyiyan, Panchkrosh Parimita, Tasya: Pradakshinam kritwa, Narah Papyha Pramuchyetta." That is, through the knowledge of the nature of Kashi or Parikrama, the creature is participating in salvation. Kashi has been famous as the center of Vedic scholars since ancient times. Astrology has also kept this tradition intact. Hence, our Pandit ji who has himself studied astrology at the Holy place Kashi is there to give consultation for the astrology through the Internet, phone and Skype for Hindi speakers living throughout the entire India and other countries of the world. All the services are provided for Indians living in any state or other country of India receive astrological solution of all their problems without coming to our office.

Indian astrologers believe that the conditions of planets that change the horoscope and time to time, whose true identity can make a person easily, understand future auspicious events. With this kind of knowledge, one can become successful before going to the events of occurrence, by following the circumstances and by making certain astrological measures, your life can be successful. As a result of the man's ability to understand the thinking, he has been worrying about his future, which has been haunting him for a long time. In addition to the current concerns, he has a great curiosity about what is going to happen to him in the future? Therefore, astrology is the only resource that a person can make the medium of Divine auspicious fruit by making donations, havan, chanting, worship, gems, etc., according to the planets in the horoscope after finding the good times in future.

The natural phenomena of which man's first-ever interviewed has been a major contributor to astronomical phenomena in the form of motivational elements, the positions of planets, satellites, constellations, niharika, and various events of the universe have always been the center of human curiosity. From the very ancient times, especially the Indians have done very commendable work in this direction and there are indications of time calculation in Rigveda. Later it was named as astrology. Surprisingly today, in the two most major areas such as computer science and space science etc. the India is leading the world, both of them are largely developed forms of this time-calculation and celestial science.