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Ganesh Vivah Report just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report

Ganesh Vivah Katha

Ganesh Vivah Katha
Lord Ganesha's head was of elephant. But, when his dispute was with Lord Parashurama, his teeth were broken in the war. Therefore Lord Ganesh is also called Ek Dant.

For these two reasons, no God daughter was ready for her marriage. Usually Lord Ganesha used to be angry with this thing. And hence, when any other God was married, he would bring them some kind of pain.

In this work, his rat was also a companion, he went to the marriage hall and hollowed it and thus somehow interrupted the marriage. All the Gods were upset about this.

All the deities got disturbed and they went to Lord Shiva. Shiva-Parvati advised that Devgan should go to Brahmaji to solve this problem. When all the gods reached Brahma ji, he was absorbed in yoga.

But after some time the two girls came out with the Yogabal. Whose name Brahmiji kept Riddhi and Siddhi. Ridhi Sidhi were the manas daughter of Lord Brahma ji.

According to the Ganesh Vivah Katha Brahmaji along with Ridhi and Sidhi came to Lord Ganesh and said that he should teach them.

Ganesha got ready. Whenever the rat brought the information of marriage to someone to Ganesha, then Ridhi and Sidhi try to distract Lord Ganesh by some or the other topic.

In this way marriage also started to be smooth. One day the rat came and told Lord Ganesh about the uninterrupted marriage of the Gods and then Ganesh ji understood all the matter that is described in marriage prediction site too.

Before Ganesha became angry, Brahmaji appeared to him with Riddhi-Siddhi. Brahma ji said, you have given them education. I can't find any suitable groom for them, now you have to marry them.
In this way Ganesha got married to Riddhi (goddess of intellectual discretion) and Siddhi (Goddess of Success). And then later Ganesh ji's two sons were also Shubh and Labh.