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Houses of marriage just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report

Houses of marriage

Houses of marriage in astrology

In the Kundali as per marriage prediction, the seventh house is considered as the house of marriage, wife, work in partnership etc. This Bhaav will provide for you the information about how this relation of marriage will be in between husband and wife. This bhav is also known as Kalatra Bhaav. The marriage and marriage time are determined only by the seventh house.

The second house is the family house, so whenever a marriage occurs, there is a family member increase in the family, so this house also becomes important for marriage.

Eleventh House is the desire for fulfillment of the person's desire, and this sentiment is the fifth from the seventh house, so this house is also seen as the house of marriage in astrology.

First House - This is the most important expression in the horoscope of the horoscope. Every kind of happiness, such as marriage, employment, etc. is consumed by the person himself, so the relationship with the first person will be the result of which the person will achieve the harm or suffering associated with that emotion in his life. If the relation of the first person is from kalatra bhav, then the person will have to attain the wife's happiness.
Vivah sukh in kundali

We at marriage prediction will let you know that before knowing the timing of marriage, it is important to know whether the marriage yog is in the horoscope or not. If there is a yoga of marriage in the horoscope, then there will definitely marriage happens. To know this, we should see the following yoga in the horoscope.

  1. If there is a sight of auspicious planet, such as a Guru, Venus, then surely it is a marriage yog.
  2. Saptamesh bhaav owner or Lagnesh is in Saptam then also it is a yog of marriage.
  3. The owner of the seventh house is located in the center or triangle.
  4. Saptamesh is in Eleventh Bhaav and then there is marriage.
  5. Factor of the seventh house is not an inauspicious sight or Yuti on the planet Venus and Venus is located in the center or triangle.
  6. Saptamesh is growing up and making Yuti in Lagnesh.
  7. If Navmesh is Saptamesh and Saptamesh is in Navam Bhaav then also marriage yog is there.