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vivah yog Report just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report

Janam kundali me vivah yog

Janam kundali me vivah yog
When by analyzing the horoscope, it is determined that is marriage yog is in one's life, then it should be seen what is the reason for the delay in marriage and according to that marriage prediction will let you know Janam kundali me vivah yog. Let us know what are that planetary positions Yog in the horoscope that the marriage of a person is delayed.
1. If in your kundali Mars is located in first, fourth Saptam and twelfth then the marriage is delayed.
2. If there is a sight of two or three inauspicious planets on seventh house or Bhavesh then marriage is delayed as per Janam kundali me vivah yog.
3. Even if there is a sight of Saturn at the seventh house, marriage is late.
4. Even if there is a sight or battle of Saturn on twelfth spirit or Bhava, marriage is late.
5. In the horoscope, Mangal, Saturn, Rahu-Ketu and Sun are considered as cruel planets. Due to their inauspicious condition, they did not get married even when they were married.
6. If there is an inauspicious planet Rahu Ketu, Saturn, etc. in the seventh house, there is a delay in marriage or happiness.
7. If the Saptamadhipati is in Dashash Bhavya and Rahu is in marriage, it is possible to obstruct marital happiness.
8. It is possible to decrease marital happiness by being a sixth person with a darshdhpati.
9. If Saptamesh is in twelfth house, and if the owner of the twelfth house is at seventh and in some way is engaged in connection with Saturn or Rahu planet then the marriage of the person is delayed and there is also a decrease in marriage happiness.
10. If Rahu - Ketu and Saturn are the combination, then separation also arises with the reduction of married couple's happiness.
11. If Saptamesh is in sixth, octam or dhashash, or should be related to Saptamesh or seventh house with Saturn, Ashtesh and Dvashashesh, and if Venus is also included in the planet, then surely there is a decrease in marital happiness.