Jeevansathi Report just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Jeevansathi Report (199/- Only @ 50% off); package contains:

  1. Ask one Question (like when will you get married, about your marriage life, etc.)
  2. Handmade Tewa (just like Astrological Kundli)
  3. Astrological Solution (Dosha Upay, Puja or Gemstone Suggestion)
  4. Report availability: (Hindi and English)
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Jeevansathi Report just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report


Kaisa Hoga Jeevansathi (How would be my life partner)
The thought of ​​how your Jeevansathi (life partner) will be done is mainly on the basis of the owner of the seventh house and on the basis of that planet in that house. In the horoscope, in the Saptamesh IV, Pancham, Navam or Dasham Bhaav, the jeevansathi astrology (life partner) will surely be concerned with the good family and generally you will live a happy and peacefl married life. If Saptamesh is higher than center or triangle, then your life partner will be educated rich and honorable.

Financial position of your Jeevansathi as per jeevansathi astrology

  1. If a person or vision is formed with the owner of the fourth house, the owner of the center of the house then your Jeevansathi will be a businessperson.
  2. Similarly, if Saptamesh is in second, fifth, seventh, eighth house, and if Saptamesh Chandra, Mercury or Venus, then also your Jeevansathi will be from business background.
  3. If the owner of the fourth house in your horoscope is in the second or twelfth house then the Jeevansathi (life partner) will be doing job.
  4. If Saptamesh and Chaturthesh are in Navmansh at high or in the middle of the ninth, and if they are making a relation with each other, then the person i.e. your Jeevansathi is a job maker, and is working on the highest position.
  5. If Saturn's relationship is happening with the fourth or fourth house, then your spouse will be employed.
  6. In the horoscope, if Rahu Ketu is in seventh house or in Saptamesh, Ashtam, Dwashash and also in weakness in the Navamand horoscope then the spouse is a normal person