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kundli matching

kundli matching

kundli Matching


Matchmaking or we can say Gun Milan, as it is called in India is a original and unequalled technique of ascertaining compatibility of a man and a woman and to see if they are best appropriate for each other to be tied in marriage. This kundli matching is a Vedic appraisal that encompasses of 8 areas or tests where the good relations stuck between two people is checked and tested by the help of their natal charts. Each of the eight points or "tests" possesses a score.

The score or the number obtained in each of the test is dissimilar. On the other hand the whole test comprising of eight points can create a utmost score of 36 points. The least score is 16 which determine the match is a decent one but generally a score below 18 is not considered a good match. Remember that a kundli matching score does not mean a concluding conclusion on match making. One can get their kundli matching by filling in the details in the form provided below at our website.

What we offer within Kundli Matching report:

  • Within kundli matching service our experts astrologers minutely analysis all gun Milan and let you offer the best result as per your astrological planet position in between both of individuals.
  • All report based on handmade analysis.
  • The most important thing is as we are using all method handmade this means we pay attention to every report.
  • Within your kundli matching report we also provides some of solution in case there is any dosha found in your kundli matching.

Kundli matching or Horoscope matching is done for the one and only purpose that couple leads a happy married life. We have a scientific move toward on Kundali Milan. Conventionally, in Kundali Milan Astrologers do Gun Milan and Manglik considerations on the other hand we do it in a different way. Kundli matching is based upon situation of the natal moon in precise Sign as well constellation.

Kundali Matching

In Indian astrology science for a happy and successful married life kundali matching is very important part at the time of marriage. Though tere is no scientific evidence of astrological facts but on the basis of years of experience, Kundali Matching at the time of marriage is considered to be extremely important for a successful marriage. If you are thinking of marrying your beloved / girlfriend, then once you get your kundali matching by our very well and highly experienced pandit ji, make sure you match your horoscopes once before marriage. By looking at the horoscope, kundali is matched based on 36 properties. It is believed that the more qualities the pair gets, the better they make. In our Indian society people firmly believes that there is a possibility of breaking the marriage done without kundali matching. In a person’s life marriage is one of the biggest events of his or her life which brings a complete new and a big change. In Hindu marriages prior of making arrangements of marriage kundali matching is must and vital part of the marriage. Primarily it doesn’t matter whether the behavior of the boy or girl matches or not, but the kundali matching is most important. If the kundali is matched then the marriage takes place.  

We provide for you the facility of kundali matching so that there may not any hindrances comes in your marital life. You can match your and your would-be life partner’s kundali by the help of our kundali matching services.