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Leo Horoscope

Leo Horoscope

Leo Horoscope:
Leo zodiac sign
Leo horoscope is the heights about the male hood. Symbol of it is Leo or lion. You spread strength and power. You are born politician and stand with the people for their help. Although you are very curious and influenced when appreciated. You are filled with lot of power and you can call your animal on one call. You are berry optimistic and want to achieve great heights. To conduct functions you love to concentrated on one things. As per leo horoscope, You can be emotional and never take the things lightly. The confusion is this that you can be biased and can hurt someone feelings. Although you are soft hearted and can went on at any place to help the people. You can never deal with your relations. You can be assumed to be a caring person. You are attracted with beautiful person and admire their beautifulness.

According to leo horoscope, Your main grah is sun which is like the head of all the mandals. It gives light to all the rashis and also provides energy to all. According to astrology sun is the denotes the will. It acts like a fuel to us and gives the reason to our life. It also highlights that you give nourishment to life and have the capability to clean the whole world.
It strongly relates to a child only. And so you like a kid express your emotions and behaviour. Even when you grow old till then also it affects your behaviour and it is best seen when you play with kids in their way. Also it also denotes a romantic love. It is also called the joyful house.
Leo horoscope TATVA: AGNI
Your main tatva is agni. You are known for your excitement and energy. Your energy never went off with time. You have positive energy and also fill others also with the same. Although, like fire you could not do plan for the next coming things. You can be open with your work. You have the quality of strong leadership and so you are always considered. You are sharp as fire and never get satisfied.
Leo horoscope STRENGTH
Your biggest strength is your self confidence and it is like that others are also satisfied by this. Strong determination and be patient are your positive sides.
Leo horoscope WEAKNESS
You have some negative sides also like you are sometimes trap among such people who do not want you good at all, in order to get appraised. You can not accept your controvarcy. Without any fear and little bit sticky are also your weak points.
FOOD- these people like to eat the food rich in carbohydrate. The yellow part of egg, anjeer, lemon, coconut and apple are good food items for them. Honey and meat is also their requirement. They need to eat green vegetables for iron deficiency. Goat milk is full of protein and daily consumption of it makes people strong. They also need to eat those food which are good for heart.
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE as per LEO HOROSCOPE - these are quite influential people. They have long hairs, head and sharp nose. They have a very good height due to their tall legs. Their presence arise the feeling of pride and elderly. Sometimes they look aggressive because of the bright colours they carry.
HABITS as per LEO HOROSCOPE - these people are very talented. Also they look sometimes like comedian also. They are also very influential because of their activities and acts of speaking. They also need to appreciate their fellow friends so as to maintain good relations with them. When it comes to money then they like to spend too much. But they hate to take borrow. They manage their budget.
HEALTH as per LEO HOROSCOPE - they may have the problems related to back bone or back. Although they are very strong but they need to stay focused with the way they stand or sit otherwise they may have problem in their back. They may also have problems in eyes and heart. More problem related to their heart which can be very dangerous when they are stress. They need to do yoga and pranayama to keep calm.
BEAUTY as per LEO HOROSCOPE - orange and silver colour is best suited to them. They are always in thought of attracting people. Silver colour mascara can best suits them. Dark blue, silver or red colour nail print increases their sensitivity and heighlights their leadership quality. Bright colours encourages their personality. They love dark and bright coloured clothes. They always pretend to express their presence.

The symbol of this zodiac sign is a lion. As per leo horoscope it denotes pride, hard, self confidence and braveness. If they could not find themselves at the top position then they leave such mission at the same time. They work whole heartedly.they are loyal and have strong personality person. With peace and love they are identified in huge gathering also. They are also influenced by their attractiveness. They actually leaves an impression on people. They are very ambitious and their talent leads them to achieve their goals. They work with full of their strength to achieve their goals but sometimes get distracted.
However these people are sharp and bright but gentle also. Sometimes because of their behaviour people feel hurt. They have strong beauty not only in respect of property but also for others. They are patient and have good acting qualities. They get attracted towards wealth, bold, famous people. Like their symbol they believe in leading the team. They also love to sit in front of mirror.
They perform better in white collar jobs, especially in terms of actor and manager. Their career graph can move upwards if they choose a good career. They are convienent in leisure and want themselves to analyze that they can earn good money or not. They are respected, strong and managed person.
Their ambitious, excitement and innovativeness are their real assets. They with their self confidence, feeling of peace and power can achieve great heights. Sometimes they are royal but without thinking about assets they are romantic. They are cautious about their position and want to see everyone happy.
It includes the classification in terms of lucky numbers, lucky colour, lucky ratna, lucky tabeez, positive and negative qualities.
LEO’S LUCKY NUMBERS- 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22
LEO’S LUCKY COLOUR- Gold, orange, white and red
LEO’S LUCKY STONE- diamond, amber, ruby
LEO’S LUCKY TABEEZ- Sone ka dil and gubrella
LEO’S POSITIVE QUALITIES- kind, aware, royal, optimistic, loveable, loyal
NEGATIVE QUALITIES- dangerous, pride and notorious
These people are diseased in back and heart. A grief Leo rashi people usually went on depression and as a result eat a lot. So they have problem of obesity and back pain.
These people are very energetic. As a result they leave a long lasting impact on others which make them different. Their people usually ask for their advice and suggestions. When they want to stay quite then on that time they do it irrespective of entering into any stress. They are great speaker who motivates others to give their best. As a result of this they remain considered for leadership always. They not only identifies their presence but also make people to feel them.
Crazy and brave these people do not like to be told much about what is there work. And so whenever you have to make them work ask or request them politely. They work more efficiently when working for themselves. Because they do not like orders. In job also they show their talent well when they are given freedom.
These royal people never get scared with hard work and hence they are observed as great hard worker. But they are bored easily and this thing can be a great hurdle in the path of their bright future. They never do work just as a work but they went in love with that work also only then they can do any work otherwise they enter into another work without thinking much about it. It is important for them to love what they are doing. If they are appreciated for their work then they feel highly motivated and gives good profits. When there are asked for something innovative then they utilize it in a very good way. They think there career as interacting with people. They are double sided. Also they hide themselves from such work where they need to stay all alone.
Because of their lime light and act of doing innovations they need to try their hands in media, planning, acting, guidance, direction, dance and communication. They can shine in design, animation, drawing and modelling. These people have a very bright sensation as a result they have the capability to work in medical lines also.

Tatva: stable and positive
Swami grah- surye
Lessons to be given in love- they have trust on their love also your act of loving whole heartedly.
Lessons to be learnt from love- they have softness and politeness. Love is to give not to take.
Personality- these people are royal and they have believe in their capabilities and knowledge. They are full of kindness, braveness and excitement. They are good actor and there swami grah surya make them famous. They like to see themselves in mirror for long time. They also like being appreciated for their intelligence and frankness. As a result they get satisfaction. They love to take their own decisions and whatever the advice they give they also apply the same. Safeguard the weaknesses.
Love is very romantic for them like watching any romantic film or a fairy tale. For these people this senses of feeling fill them with great joy and excitement. They get very curious and love without any fear. Also expects the same behaviour with their fellow partner. Sacrifice and security, they admire. Whatever they show they expects the same behaviour from their partner also.
These people are very excited and filled with lots of love. They care very well for their loved ones. They express their love whole heartedly. They also express their love with full excitement. Also expects great respect from the people around. They have the whole capability of becoming a great human being. They are fully helpful and strong. They want to make relations with their way. They expects from their partner to be loyal and lovable. They also expect full sacrifice of anger.

As a lover they are very emotional lover. They are brave, energetic especially when it comes to physical relations. They choose their partner after full satisfaction which can be with them in their life. Those who do not make fun. And those who do not interfere in their routine. In short they are very independent and want their lover to be intelligent as well.
As a father they are quite balanced. They are neither very soft nor very strict father. They work for their children bright future. They fulfil all their desires. They also encourages them to take part in different activates. But they do not give then that much of freedom to dislocate from studies. So they love and respect their children. They also stay with them whenever they need them.
As a mother they are not much caring because they know that it will never let them to grow up. They are strong from outside but soft from inside. They are like an ideal for their children and also encourage them to attain their talent. They also make them strong to fight with all the problems of the life.
Irrespective of being so sticky these children know what they want actually. Also it is not essential for them to reply for their mother father talks. They love to work in their way and want to achieve success in it. But it does not mean that they disobey their parents actually they have different style of convincing their parents. They understand their parents and accepts their suggestions.
They are strict as a boss and hold many expectations from their workers. Although they give good environment to them to work also. They organise social events in their office also so that workers can open up. They give full freedom to their workers to work with their full potential. But they are very strict with respect to time.
They are very loyal and honest friend. They help their friend whenever they are in need and in problems. They take very good care for their friends and always want to make them secure and happy. Registered & Protected