Marriage astrology just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Marriage astrology (199/- Only @ 50% off); package contains:

  1. Ask one Question (like when will you get married, about your marriage life, etc.)
  2. Handmade Tewa (just like Astrological Kundli)
  3. Astrological Solution (Dosha Upay, Puja or Gemstone Suggestion)
  4. Report availability: (Hindi and English)
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Marriage astrology just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report

Marriage astrology – Need, Prediction and Solution

The main requirement of marriage astrology is where there are chances of late marriage. If there are weak planets inyour horoscope then there are most chances of delay in marriage. Similarly, if a boy or girl is having Manglik dosh then also delay in marrige. It has been seen often that the age of a boy or girl comes and many of the good marital relation offers also come for them but still there some hindrances comes in their way of marriage and the marriage conversations doesn’t turn up to marriage and in such cases marriage astrology prediction is quite helpful. By the help of marriage prediction we do not only get knowledge about the weak planets in our horoscope or the hindrances planets for marriage but we also come to know which despicable planet will be powerful and when it will be peaceful and we must do our all work accordingly. By marriage astrology the planets position is noticed prior only and we should try as per that only and then only there are more chances of success. Similarly, by the help of marriage astrology prediction report we come to know about the helpful planets to be more powerful and how to lessen the effects of the despicable planets whch are really beneficial for us.
By the means of our website and by the help of highly qualified astrologers in the field of marriage astrology who have several years of experince in this field we prepare a report which will be helpful not only in resolving the problems prior marriage but also for the problems that occur after marriage.
Marriage prediction
As it is well known that marriage is a most important part of every person because we are social human beings. But the planets position sometimes are hindrances in the path of marriage. The main help of marriage prediction is that you will come to know the problems prior only and the problems which are coming in your life in the near future. And hence, by the help of marriage prediction you will also get astrological solutions as well which are quite helpful in solving the obstacles coming in your marriage or married life.
By the help of marriage astrology you may know which time will be best and suitable for you and you can take advantage of that time accordingly. And in the same way, you also came to know that in the coming time which planets position are weak and which of the planet will cause you loss. With marriage astrology prediction report we provide the solution for that planet like worship, gemstone for the planet accordingly etc. knowledge is given in the form of marriage astrology dosh solutions report.
Consequently, by the help of marriage astrology we also get to know that in your horoscope you will have chances of early marriage or late marriage yog. If your kundali is best that means the planetary position is good then you have to not do any special attempts but if there is yog of late marriage then by some solutions the late marriage yog converts into early marriage yog.
In this website the marriage astrology analysis completely depends on the planetary position of your kundali. And hence, it’s a request from you that you must provide your exact date of birth, your name, birth place and your birth time accurately.  Hence, the marriage astrology report provided by our website are completely handmade by our experts and experienced astrologers. Normally, the reports are in Hindi only but who have problem in reading report in Hindi language can also avail report in English by providing some extra price.
By the means of our website you get marriage prediction Analysis and Report along with:

  1. Handmade Tewa which is similar to your Kundali only
  2. In Tewa you get full Faladesh in which Lagna Faladesh, Sun and Moon Faladesh, Rahu Faladesh, Moon Faladesh, Budh Faladesh, Jupiter FaladeshVenus and Saturn Faladesh and Ketu Faladesh also covers.
  3. In this package you can also ask a question. For instance, when will you get married and life after marriage.
  4. In Marriage astrology if any planet dosh is also found then with this report you will also get the solution along with marriage astrology report.

Obstacles coming in marriage
By our experts while doing the marriage astrology it is found that: In horoscope the 6th, 8th and 12th place is considered inauspicious. Mars, Satrurn, Rahu and Ketu are merciless planets. These planets are located wrongly then theses planets can make a happy marital life hell. Similarly, if the planetary position is poor then they are capable of making divorce in a married life. Consequently, the Saptamesh Sightha yog is performed in the 6th house can lead to court cases struggle in between husband and wife. Thus, it is advisable to take help of marriage astrology report at the time of marriage. So that the solutions can be known prior only for the obstacles coming in a married life as per marriage prediction.
Main causes that are being seen in Marriage astrology:
The 7th house Lord is right or wrong and in the same way the 7th house Lord is located in another place or else is in touch with a despicable planet then it can result in the obstacle for marriage. In marriage astrology all the positions are clearly analyzed.