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Marriage horoscope just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report

Marriage horoscope

Marriage horoscope-Wedding bells appropriate time…
Marriage in the Mahadasha or interceptor of the planet belonging to seventh or seventh the you will for sure get married. In Venus of Venus, in the horoscope of Venus and in the male's horoscope, there is a marriage in the condition of the seventh or the intercession of the guru. Venus on the male in Saptamesh's Mahadasha. Or in the interception of the moon and the woman is married to the master or the inner circle of Mars. In the amount of saptameshma, in marriage, marriage occurs when the master arrives. The marriage occurs after the Guru from the Gopchar in the sixth or in the lagoon or in the moon or in the seventh of the moon. When the transit of a Guru occurs, then when there is a clear amount of Saptamesh and Connesh, marriage takes place. When Saptamesh comes from Venus in Venus and becomes concerned with Guru, marriage or physical relationship is formed. The triangular connection between Saptamesh and Guru gives marriage, or love begins to flow. Chandra is the cause of the mind, and when he becomes strong and relates to the seventh house or Saptamma, he gets married for twenty-four years.
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As per Marriage horoscope, Marriage will not happen if ...

Saptamesh is not in auspicious place. Saptamesh is sitting at six or eight places. Saptamesh is in lowly amount. Saptamesh is in twelfth house, and Lagnesh or Rishipati is sitting in seventh. Chandra will be accompanied by Venus, from him to Mars and Saturn in the seventh. Venus and Mars are both in seventh. Venus must be both in the fifth or fifth house. Venus should be with a sinful planet and in the fifth or ninth house. Venus Saturn is the lowest of all three. In Pancham, there are two or more sinful people in the moon or seventh or twelfth house. The Sun is clear and the seventh is clear.