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Moonga gemstone just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report

Moonga gemstone astrology | Moonga gemstone

Moonga which is primarily well known as Coral gemstone has strong curing qualities amongst all the gemstones.
The distinguishing detail concerning Moonga gemstone is that it is not encompassed of minerals like several other stones but a merchandise of carcass of ocean’s beings.
Moonga is also known as Pravaal in common terms. This has been conferred with the beneficial manipulates of Mars.
This gemstone would make available an individual with the distinctive like vivacity, staying power as well as dynamism. For all the men in uniforms for instance people from police environment as well as military would have necessitated the energy resource of red Coral in a magnificent method. Normally, this stone is good for good fortune as well as augmentation of will power as well as strength of mind. Individuals with an relationship of Mars must assume Moonga or red Coral in their hands.
Moonga prosper at the hollow of the seas. An obscure gemstone is mainly effectual for female or male for radiating influential sentiments through amalgamation of red radiation from noticeable light gamut. Moonga/ Coral use is as well for the most part effectual in curing diseases like anaemia common debility, weakness, lasitude, body pains, allergies, inflammations, cough and cold, bronchitis, pneumonia etc. It makes a person courageous and conqueror of his enemies. The diseases related to blood type diseases can be cured by wearing it. Moonga gemstone astrology advises the wearer of coming unwell healthiness by changing its color. The Red Coral keeps away from bad dreams as well as nightmares. It shelters the wearer from wicked spirits.
Qualities of Moonga gemstone astrology:

  • Mooga is smooth.
  • Moonga is of an opaque red.
  • Moonga is entirely round or oval.
  • It is regular in shape.
  • Moonga is without any hole.
  • It provides out attractive splendorous.

Faults of Moonga Gemstone/ Red Coral :
•  Moonga may have spots or dots.
•  Moonga may have more than one shade of color.
•  Moonga surface may be depressed or perverted.
•  Moonga may have cracks.

Places where Moonga gemstone is found :

•  Eastern Australia.
•  Mediterranean Sea
•  Japan.
•  Canary.
•  Africa .

Moonga gemstone Colors:

•  White.
•  Red
•  Black.
•  Pink.

In the back ancient period, we find that Egyptian used to place Coral on graves in order to remain the evil spirits at cove. On the other hand in Iranian civilization, people use Coral a protector from black magic, and physical sicknesses
For the women, who are experiencing menopause, use it as a protector next to unenthusiastic energies. Moonga chucks optimistic outcomes on bones, tissues, and blood circulation. It eliminates the feelings of anger and bitterness and induces constructive feelings and feels affection for in the individuals.