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My Kundali

My Kundali

My Kundali

My Kundali

Janam Kundali in English is termed as Horoscope or Birth chart. Janam Kundali is that important part in Astrology which represents the actual position of planet at the specific time as seen from a specific place. In other words, we can also say Kundali is a picturesque representation of planets in heaven during the time of birth. Here we are providing My Kundali services to our valued customers, where you can get complete details as per your kundali and get the solution if any dosha found in your kundali.

Significance of Having a My Kundali 

  • My Kundali shows the accurate path that a person is going to follow. My Kundali also shows the traits native possess, which comprises his or her nature.
  • As we all are aware of this that our life is unsure and as a human being we all try to find the ways and means to deal with this insecurity and My Kundali is the first step towards that. 
  • In our Hindu society Janam Kundali possesses a prime part in marriages.
  • The Kundali is that means in Astrology which provides us an insight into the various aspects of an individual’s life like career, finance, relation and health. 
  • A brief and detailed analysis can also be prepared with the help of a Janam Kundali like in which particular area or field of work does the native have a strong chance of gaining achievement. 
  • Same as the way the flourishing part of the individual can be forecasted, the areas or particular times when the native might face failures or troubles can also be predicted with the help of his or her My Kundali.

Details that you have to provide in our My Kundali Service:

Your name

  • Exact place of birth
  • Exact time of birth
  • Exact date/month/year of birth
  • Sex (i.e. Male or Female)

We understand that each horoscope must be given personalized action by our great astrologers. And hence, this is the prime reason that what a person get from other websites, Here we make available our services at free of cost without any charge, under the Section ‘My Kundali’; and when you pay to us, you get best and unique prophecies and suggestions, which is not general, but very individual to you.