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Onyx gemstone just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report

Onyx gemstone | Onyx gemstone astrology

Onyx gemstone or in Hindi it is known as Sulemani Pathar'. Onyx gemstone is a stone in a variety of colors including black, green, orange, blue, white glooms gemstone diversity of the mineral Oxide. Onyx gemstone is an expensive gemstone found in a variety of regions all across the world, chiefly in Brazil.
Hardness of this gemstone is with a Mohs index of ranging from 6-7 and specific gravity ranging from 2.65 to 2.667 (see: Onyx Properties)
For astrological intention, Black onyx gemstone astrology is well thought-out best. An unheated and untreated onyx gemstone with clean color, higher clarity and less internal inclusions is considered best for such purpose.
Furthermore green onyx, orange onyx, blue onyx, yellow onyx, white onyx and striped onyx are considered according to astrological effects.
According to Hindu methodology of onyx gemstone astrology, this panna stone open the door goddess saraswati. This goddess refers for wisdom and intellect and gives the ray of hope and radiation in student’s life, singers and musician. More over green emerald gemstone increase the food grains, property, and eyesight. This stone also o protect from black magic, witches and evil spirit. This gemstone is beneficial for the astrologer, teachers, bureaucrats, writer, engineers, officers, property dealers, medical personalities, and so on. Emerald gemstone increases the empowerment, vision of spirituality and understanding power and this stone protect various diseases like asthma, cough, stammering etc. Emerald gems make your child birth easy and remove all obstacles that face during the pregnancy, but you have tied around the waist of pregnant women. Wearing emerald your life fills with love and happiness. You should be worn the emerald gemstone on Wednesday. Emerald gems are available in many shapes and sizes. But the prices of emerald depend on the cart. Wearing Gomed is fine for those people who have need of psychological tranquility and liberty from tensions and worries. This stone is generally worn by people who are into politics. The other things where wearing a Gomed gemstone assists are plummeting skin allergies, piles, epilepsy, sinus and much more. It is as well considered that if you are facing obstructions, or there is some dilemma which is demonstrating in your birth chart, wearing a Gomed will lend a hand for you by reducing the obstructions which are their in your chart. Rahu is a silhouette planet as well as results in delays, obstacles, confusion and much more. By wearing Gomed, assists in reducing any kind of holdup or bewilderment.

According to the onyx gemstone astrology it helps you turn out to be the Master of your own destiny.
•  Precious in difficult or puzzling times of our lives.
•  Soaks up and flattens affecting concentration. Helps to level out the ups and downs of sentiments.
•  Fortification: A good stone for Entrepreneurs and Inventors, to repel negative energy surrounding other people’s opinions or ideas.
•  Objectivity: The ancient Egyptians believe that it could cool the ardors of love and actually cause arguments among lovers to the point of separation! Use Onyx for self-preservation or to keep away or end unhealthy or bothersome emotional entanglements.
•  Letting Go: Tremendously obliging to people who are having trouble letting go or releasing the past or attachments as well as moving on after a relationship has ended, sometimes years past the event.
•  Revolutionize: Assists liberate old viewpoints and patterns that no longer serve us.
•  Visions along with management through meditation and dreams.
Onyx gemstone is an outstanding stone for initiating the procedure of centering and arrangement of the total person with a Higher Power. It assists us to soak up whatever power we require from the Universe also as well reduces Sexual longing. Balances and grounds. Onyx gemstone also repels negative energy.
•  Color: Generally black or brown with white bands, but can be red, orange, or honey colored.
•  Physical Curing Properties:Helpful in treating teeth, bones, bone marrow, blood disorders, feet. glaucoma, epilepsy, and cell damage.
•   Helpful for the Careers, Entrepreneurs, Inventors
Overcomes Additions, bestows Happiness
In the current time, it is admired for those mammoth dissimilar advantages that it obtains to its wearers. In Astrology beliefs, it is considered as the foundation of contentment, rejuvenation, positivist, furthermore enhanced perception abilities. It helps one get disassociated with excessive sexual desires, addictions, and causes of despair and miseries. Its collision on these aspects sustains not only for the present, but also for the future. Primarily, it by no means lets its wearers go out of the line to do things which can draw them disappointment and failure, and thus, saves them from the miseries as they might would have otherwise derived out of it. In a way, it also lets one’s spirit rise high above the money-oriented bondages to wing in the religious lands.

Health Advantages
Onyx gemstone manipulates all Chakras, arouses them, and makes them function successfully in sync with one another to derive utmost overall benefits for its wearers. Those who are suffering from any sort of health problem related to bones, nerves, kidney, eyes, teeth, or heart, or from the problems of Glaucoma, hopelessness, epilepsy, blood disorders, and sleeping disorders are highly recommended by healers to have this stone for attaining relief.
Most Beneficial For
The benefits of Onyx stone pour in abundance over those who belong to Leo or Capricorn Zodiac Sign. Also, those engaged in any business or trade derives growth and accomplishment in their ventures out of the person who wears this stone.
Please have a kind note: The concentration and helpfulness of benefits of Onyx stone get multifold, if it is used in conjunction with pearls and diamonds.