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Their symbol is strong and dangerous scorpion. Some astrologers assume you to be a lady sign. Although your personality is different. And as long as you grow old your personality turns  developed and of high spirits. To move around you may be a good and interesting experience but also it may be dangerous as well. Some astrologers divide your horoscope into two parts- great and energetic, who can be benevolent as well. Poisonous- who are dangerous and changes colour, which changes according to situations. Sometimes to know them well turns to be a great task. Some people are of the opinion that you have the feeling of revenge and become active when you get the chance. You can be brave as well and are curious to know the things behind you. You are extremely brave and cannot get scared in problems.
Pluto is god of underworld. If this situation is scary for you then there is a need for explanation. In terms of swami grah Pluto is bright and strong and elaborated that thing which is beyond our imagination. Due to their bright rays their nay is a drastic change.
Because the second house denotes the wealth just opposite to it this eighth house reflects the house of people around and what they have. It also includes youth affairs which generally includes the some other people matters also. Death- can be the last level of change but not necessary that it is about your own death. It can be about those things which we people can not understand. It is the hidden house.
Yor are the member of jal group. Astrological effects which come under it their structure is emotional. As there are many depths of water like deep sea the same is found in you also. For you it is always difficult that to predict that under what circumstances how you react. Irrespective of that as there is suspense in the depth of the sea the same is with you as well, you also can be strange.
Your personality is like magnetic and because of this people look at you all the time. You are intelligent and entertaining presenter and it is easy for you to influence people. People enjoys your company. You are loyal and emotional which gives you the position of great lover. Until or unless someone hurts your feelings you always help in kind.
Most probably your weakness is that instead of your hidden talent you have, you are always reluctant to attack. Although you make all the necessary arrangements to attain your goals and make clever strategies. You are clever, jealous and independent.
Food as per SCORPIO HOROSCOPE - these people must drink adequate water and to maintain good health they must maintain their cholesterol and avoid eating junk food. They must eat black cherry, cottage cheese, onion, carrots, mustard, cauliflower, coconut, fish and such other healthy food. They must avoid alcohol. They are rich in past and strong strengths. They must take good amount of protein in their diet which is necessary for crating amino acid which help in building blocks of body.
Physical structure according to SCORPIO HOROSCOPE - they are generally fat, and strong and having shape eye structured. They are not good with voice. They have very small eyes. They have small neck and brown colour hairs. Their check bones are flat and broad jaw. Their personality is secret and calm, they look strong. They are self confident.
HABITS according to SCORPIO HOROSCOPE – They have always the feeling of revenge, this makes them away from their loved ones. firstly they need to keep hold on their anger and try to eliminate them. They can do so by their sweet will power only. Although at the end they can complain that their friends are only the reason of their stress.
HEALTH as per SCORPIO HOROSCOPE - They not only enjoy their good health but also their strengths are very good so whenever they got ill they are very quickly recovered. Because of their habit of taking risks they are reluctant towards accidents. They may have the problems in throat, lungs private parts and prostate gland. So they must keep necessary arrangements for it. They during their whole lifetime try to hide from expressing their feelings which can be their weak part.
BEAUTY as per SCORPIO HOROSCOPE - Full of suspense these people like red colour. Also shadow, muskara and artificial eyelids are helpful in beatifying their eyes. Pink or black colored lipstick can highlight their personality as well. They are never scared of trying and they turn their old clothes as fashion. Bright colour, shadows and love the decorative things. By wearing black and red colour clothes they try to show themselves as fashion tycoon.
People born in this horoscope are reflected by scorpion or eagle. Strict, brave, strong, emotional and independent these people are never taken lightly. They live on their own bet and full faith in themselves. They are always safe gourd towards their future. They are emotional and sensitive.
They are more concerned with other people. They get concentrated and involved on important questions; find the secret which is found in the black or white world. Most of these people have curiosity which works as a fuel for them. These people like to search and went on to the end point. For them the feeling of knowledge always exists. They without care try to expand their agenda and manage their own path. They are lazy and tired for others which can be harmful for them as well.
They never feel when working for long hours and if they feel bad then they feel alone. They do not like to investigate. Their hard and secretive policy makes them doubtful and they are careful in time of emergency.  Also they are very emotional which fills on others the sense of fear.
They can be good and loyal friend. At the same time they also have the feeling of enemy also. To take revenge is their primer policy. Their bright eyes make them feel attractive for others. They are sharp, cruel and influential in personality. They also with their joy, imagination and arts are ready to fight always.
They are not loyal actually. For their benefit they are not like making manshes for others or creating troubles.  They are very energetic and emotional. They are always try to take advantage of situations. They also have the courage to turn it to their own profits.  But due to this thing they cannot nourish that those thing which could not be good. This is their doubt. Whatever the way they like they go generally for it. Their attractive and immense face make them and to move around in different directions.
They are emotional in love and to forget for them is difficult. They are very emotional in feeling that they understand the division very well. Because of their magnetic attitude they never distinguish between people.
It includes positive quality, lucky tabeez, lucky ratna, lucky colour, lucky number, lucky day.
SCORPIO'S LUCKY NUMBERS- 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90
SCORPIO'S LUCKY COLOUR- red and brownish
SCORPIO'S POSITIVE QUALITY- Their will power, self confidence, magnetic, strong vision and braveness
SCORPIO'S NEGATIVE QUALITY- jailous, clever, draconian and pride
SCORPIO'S HEALTH RELATED PROBLEMS- they need to avoid oily and spicy food, need to take good rest, they must move outside for fresh air. They can be diseased with deadly diseases.
SCORPIO'S SWAMI GRAH- Pluto, mangal grah

These people are very self dependent and they know what they want about their career or some another subject. With strong determination and attitude these people can only accept their failure when there is a dire need for it or their failure is certain. When they are given side then they feel very hurt. They never forgive such person and could not forget them easily. And those people who make them side, they always make rebellious for them.
Born under this horoscope these people are attracted towards the hidden things. They always open their eyes. In teams their presence is like that one person is there who act as a pillar for the team. Not only this have had they had the capability of making strategies so that they give their full contribution.
They give importance to their time so that they probably spent time to sensuous work. If they become the matter do talk only when to give information. If they are working then there whole concentration is on their work only.
No one can detect their facial expressions, they are also like detective. They feel satisfied working in medical department, psychiatric and media.
They can be successful in fields of doctor, engineer, environment expert, pathologist and army men etc.
Tatva- jal
Quality- stable and negative
Swami grah- Pluto
Lesson to be learnt- they went on in depth of lve, whole give up, energy and sensitive.
Lessons to be given in love- love is like giving, love is satisfactory and whole completeness comes after full knowledge about love
PERSONALITY- They are secerative boss. Attractive and emotional, they know a lot about life but try to learn everything . they try to slove out the things. They always look in doubt they are very strong. If someone hurt them then they also hurt like scorpion of their horoscope. They always follow their work and responsibility. But they live under pressure also as if someone will going to attack them.
For them love is like giving everything and this reflects in their behaviour. Love is supreme for them although the knowledge of it is physical for them only. For them knowing about the love is like a hidden puzzle. Because of it they are pretend to be wrong sometimes but it is like attaining a level of spirituality.
They are strong, safe and determinant lover. In beginning they like calm and quiet but to know their love they give more time. Strong and magnetic these people try to attract someone. People also went in trap of their love but they never take advantage of the people. When they are in love they get fully involved. They are like Romeo in love. Hard from outside these people feel not safe from inside that in this world their love would not get separated.
SCORPIO HOROSCOPE As lover- they are the most emotional people in all horoscopes. Their partner needs to be intelligent and honest. They talk love related it may be having meals in hotels or restaurant or going in long drive. They remain loyal once they enter into a relationship. They try to give respect and trust to their partner.
SCORPIO HOROSCOPE As a father- these are very strict and hard father. They need to show politeness towards their children so that they understand their father's harsh behaviour. These people need to grow their children in a polite way so that they become good person in life. Sometimes their children get frustrated with these restrictions also. Altogether all they work and say is just for the betterment of their children.
SCORPIO HOROSCOPE AS A MOTHER- these mother are like the combination of strong and weak feelings. They for the betterment of their children sometimes scold them. They can be very harsh at times. But they also make sure that their child also knows the outside world.
SCORPIO HOROSCOPE AS A BOSS- they are of strict personality and hence their employees scared and all their commands are duly fulfilled on time. They are very harsh for results and never give freedom to their workers. They always make them to stand under the dual sword. Also they make them feel about their supremacy and position.
SCORPIO HOROSCOPE AS A CHILD- They are very soft and silent, when they are small they are berry loyal and optimistic towards their parents orders. Also they follow them at any cost whether they like it or not. But as they grew old things completely changes. These children must be taught with love only. They can easily choose their right career with their parents.
SCORPIO HOROSCOPE AS A FRIEND- they are actually very loyal and also expect the same kind of loyalty from their friends. They always come forward in times of emergency. But their pride and respect is very important for them. They have very few friends although they have friendly relations with many people. Registered & Protected