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shadi delay reason report just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report

Shadi me deri ke karan

Shadi me deri ke karan
Reasons for Late Marriage

  1. Getting Higher Education
  2. Late Job
  3. Lack of financial
  4.  A family problem
  5. Bride or groom of their own choice
  6. Because of love and affection is also shadi mai deri ka karan
  7. Influence of Westernization
  8. Late in the marriage of the boy due to delay in the marriage of the sister at home
  9. Yoga of late marriage in the horoscope
  10. Due to Mangalik dosh in the horoscope.

The above reason, in some way affects the marriage bond. In fact, today's youths do not get married even when they are older in the pursuit of higher education or a desirable career, and consequently gradually there will be a delay It is not that a custom bride or groom cannot be found. After that the person meets an astrologer and asks vivah mai deri ka karan i.e. why I am not getting married, what is the reason which is that planet that is responsible for not having a marriage, such questions are shower like that as astrologer has stopped their marriage.

At marriage prediction astrologer conducts astrological analysis of the horoscope and explains the problem of the planet and also gives its solution. Eventually, the person admits that at that time he or she has not given marriage importance in life. If significance had been given, then he would get married at the right time.

Whenever the chances the yog of the marriage is created from astrological point of view, and for some reason the marriage is postponed, then the boy or girl's marriage is too late in marriage, so if an astrologer tells you that there is marriage yog in your horoscope then you must not at all delay the marriage otherwise it will be late.

There is also a reason to delay the marriage of any person. Generally, the sum total of the marriage of the Mangalik logo is made in 27, 29, 31, 33, 35 and 37 years. If there is a delay in the marriage of the young men, then by knowing the condition of the planets located in the horoscope, the marriage is being created, and the person should intensify his efforts to get married.