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Early marriage ke upay just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

Ask 1 Question with Handmade Detailed Tewa and Faladesh Report
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Early marriage ke upay

Early marriage ke upay | shighra vivah ke saral upay

There is no shortage of parents who are worried about the marriage of their son or daughter. Whenever there is talk of marriage, then some or the other obstacles arises and there and the relation doesn’t happen. Many young people are very disappointed with this. One type of desolation rises on their faces. We saw many young people turning to an older age, but still they did not get married.

Here at marriage prediction we are going to tell you some of the Early marriage ke upay that resolves the barriers of the marriage. But the benefits of these Sheegrah vivah ke upay can only be benifited, when there is Vivah Yog in the horoscope. Therefore, first of all, with the help of an expert astrologer make him show your kundali carefully and when he will tell you that yes, there is Marriage yog in your horoscope then only you must try our early marriage ke upay that will prove to be very effective.

A boy or girl who is in their marriage age should take bath by adding one fourth spoon turmeric in the water bathing on each Thursday. Saffron can also be used in place of turmeric. If such a young man or woman, on Thursday, had to indulge the cow, ie, mix some turmeric on two rounds of flour, give some jaggery and gram dal of gram, then their marriage can be quick. But please, do keep this in mind that do not even disrespect the elderly but just from your depth that you make them happy and try to take their blessings and see that the marriage will happen fast.

On the eve of Shukalpakya on Thursday evening, offer five types of sweets with a small cardamom, and water with pure ghee lamp. Do this for continuous three Thursdays. This is a great way of marriage.

Worshiping of Shiva and Parvati also fulfills the desire of the marriage. Do puja of'Shivalinga' by offering raw milk, Bilvak, Akshat, Kumkum etc.

If you are experiencing difficulties in love marriage, pray for the success of marriage in the temple every Thursday for three months and for the success of marriage.

If there is a problem in the marriage of a young man, then he should give Goddess Ganesha a yellow colour sweet, then he gets married too.