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Love Report just for INR 199/- (50% OFF)

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Why love vanishes after marriage

Why love vanishes after marriage
It is sometimes seen that the love of lover couples of college days starts decreasing after marriage. Why love vanishes after marriage.....

College love affair

When you were young what was the most prominent place in your hopes and desires? Love, is not it? We have seen many lovers-couples in college-courtyards. These couples will meet together on the other hand as if they were made for a second. There will be a special glow in the eyes and joy on the faces.

They will walk with hands in hands and will have nonstop conversation. If you see their unforeseen behavior while jumping, it will feel that this cycle will continue till Doom. Without the knowledge of their love to parents, society and culture due to threat of separation, these people will get married in marriage. But if you get an opportunity to see them after five to six years, you will definitely be shocked. Both have changed so much that you will not be able to recognize. Have you ever thought why love vanishes after marriage?
Before, four or five years ago, the couples who were roaming with full of enthusiasm full of love, where did the redness of the cheeks go? Where all such feelings have vanished?
The person who was once reminded of the feeling of the affection was blissful, now his proximity would have been synonymous with pain. The people who love the person more than his life in the days of love who used to wait and sit without any complaint. There even do not think of hunger and thirst, sun and rain. Not even the realization of time. When dreams became real, then the business entered. After accepting love as their life, there is no wonder if there is a lot of excitement, pain and anguish after just starting life.
What is the reason why love vanishes after marriage?

Try to understand the depth of love
To maintain your social level you need a life partner. A partner is needed so that he or she can fulfill for your basic requirements, a person who is a partner when you are mentally upset. One has to try to understand the depth of love as per marriage prediction.