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Party wear kurtis – collection of back neck designs for kurtis

Part wear kurtis are highly in demand for it’s latest design. back neck designs for kurtis are preferred especially for party occasions. As you can look more attractive after wearing party wear kurtis. Kartohome has brought for you fashionable back neck designs for kurtis online. You will look more attractive in every party, in every place and in every event.

It is known that Indian women have broad range of choices especially when it comes to choosing dresses. In fact, they can deck up in diverse dresses at different event. back neck designs for kurtis are in style and they look tremendously stylish. In fact, these outfits are one of the best ways to apparent your multicultural characteristic. Multi colour kurtis are in style for quite some time now, and many of the designers design them with stylishness and beauty.

From Kartohome you will get a surprising range of back neck designs for kurtis for every type of events. You can make your party memorable by buying party wear kurtis from our online store.

If you are planning to go for a party then you can visit our store and just select your own party wear kurtis or back neck designs for kurtis of your choice.

back neck designs for kurtis

Back neck designs for kurtis

Kurtis are major attire for Indian women and is also growing in popularity in the western world as well. Kurtis can be a perfect combination if you wear them with a pair of jeans, leggings or salwar and they look perfect. From slim fitted Kurtis to losing Kurtis, they come in many styles and designs. Among these the most attracting ones are collar neck designs for Kurtis, which adds an extra attractive touch for the humble kurti? Whether you are wearing khadi kurti or plain cotton, adding a designer collar neck kurti will make you look more beautiful and add charm to your kurti. Collar neck designs for kurtis have been developed very traditionally with a mixture of modern tradition, which has increased their popularity. You can also add a small collar neck design kurta with a skirt which will catch everyone’s glimpse towards you. We provide a wide range of back neck designs for kurtis to our esteemed clients.

Kurtis is very easy to draw and every woman and girl loves to wear all sorts of shapes and sizes. The lower Kurtis look very good with thin jeans and you can try to reduce the length and leave a short kurti with a skirt. For a long time, Kurtis add flare and quantity to your figure and you can wear them with leggings for a stylish look. Embracing the figure, Kurtis looks very good on a college going girl and can look good with leggings and salwar with different sectional designs like anarchic design, fittings fitting on top and all types of ankles below or a simple Punjabi short kurti will brush his knees. Hence, out online store is a perfect place for selecting several of neck designs for kutis.

Neck Designs for Kurtis

neck designs for kurtis

Kurtis are also very easy to be a perfect match with all sorts of accessories. You can wear a bangle with your kurti so that you can give a very stylish racist look and add a western hairstyle with a hair band and a bindi. A simple kurti with a traditional wooden curtain looks good, and Kurti works heavily designed without any accessories. You can add different types of handbags to carry with your Kurtis with a large handbag bag and a smart hand bag for a heavy cloth bag and stylish clutch for large chairs and heavy traditional Kurtis. Back neck designs for kurtis can be worn on any traditional family events and festivals on any occasion and by wearing casual wear in any office, college and college. You can wear them without a duplicate or a scarf and they will still look very good and stylish.

latest back neck designs for kurtis

So here at our website there are some latest collar neck designs for kurtis that add a mix of customary design to contemporary sensibilities and build a wonderful combination for you and you can decide the next new look for your kurti from these.

1 keyhole neck designs for kurtis

In this white tilt neck collar kurtis, there is a straight white collar which insists on the entire neck area. Neck design for kurtis gives quantity to kurtis and focuses on the neck designs. A round key-hole is the neck design which adds extra bit of style to the hull. Key hole sizes can be manipulated for rectangular and oval and size can be varied as well. This design looks good on form fitting kurti with a western design and is worn on top of jeans or leggings. Pair your stylish key hole neck design for kurti with a big hairdo and small studs or chandelier earrings for best look.


2 Pentagon neck design for kurtis

In this mixture of traditional and modern design, the Pentagon neck design for kurtis is offset with three large peacocks blue stones. This design adds substantial strength to the neck and with heavy bead design and boundaries for the collar and the stones of rotation shaped stones in a geometric pattern add up. Pearls and borders have been replicated on all the stones till the collar and the stones have a big design and it looks like the right combination. This collar neck design can be styled on plain kurtis and monochrome shades for the best effect. Pair this up with hair bread and big earrings for a stylish effect.


3  Mandarin collar with embroidery back neck designs for kurtis

In this Jaipur kurti, V neck collar has evolved into a collar inspired by Chinese blouse. The back of the neck is round with a V in the embroidery border. The size of V can be different and the thickness of the boundary should work well with the V neck size. Border's red and white floral design gives a splash of color and firmness in otherwise plain kurtis. Such a kitten neck design is suitable for casual wear tutors with a solid color. You can wear this kind of neck design for kurtis with thin jeans and high heels for a casual Indo-Chinese look. A mandarin collar works very well with heavy materials like khadi and this collar tries to avoid cotton and lightly sharp material for neck design.


4 shirt collar neck designs for kurtis

This collar neck design is inspired by English collars and is the opposite of colors to make the right mix of color sensitivity. On shirt collar neck kurtis, there are either one or two collars, one is larger than the upper part and there is an open flare to add volume to the shoulder and chest area. In a large extent, kurtis got the illusion of western shirt. On the contrary, more light is highlighted with a texture on the one side of the border and plain solid color on the other side. This design can try other color combinations like pink and yellow or red and black color. You can try making a short form fitting kurta with this collar neck design and can add a pair of denim skirt or an indo-western look with a thin gene. Pull your hands in your light bread or penile and wear studs to attract this interesting collar design.


5  Red stand collar back neck designs for kurtis

 It is a stand collar that goes all the way on the neck. In this design, the collars provide tablets with uniform circular embroidery and distinguish the collar and separate the coller from the rest of the kurti. This design of the collar neck is highlighted on your shoulders and the focus changes from the chest area, added this design with a cut sleeve or string kurta for best effect. This design looks best with a soft textured material and salwar, which combines it.

6 the layered v collar neck kurtis
In this back neck designs for kurtis, the V-collar neck has been modified to form a layer like an effect with an ornate jacket. Plain emphasis on the V neck of the collar jacket and adds color to the kurtis. This back neck designs for kurtis is good for formal and semi formal kurtis and will look best with either straight or A cut. You can add it to a plain dupatta and with high bread for the best effect.

7 Lace patterned collar neck kurtis

This patterned collar is a stylish lace cottage with neck design. Here the regular V neck of the collar has been merged with the big collar in the lace. The complex lace design combines the vibrancy and style to the neck and the kurtis neck design adds a touch of Western design for it. The lace is a new type of hood on the cottage block and is absolutely good with this design. Otherwise, you can try other patterned materials as well as collars of this sample. It looks good with mini sleeve or cut sleeve and a small hose design. Add this pair with leggings or salvars and add a matching duplicate to the effect of the pattern. Add a chandelier earring for a formal event or plain stud for a formal form.

8 Symmetrical collar neck designs for kurtis
In this design, the western collar meets the Indian cut and creates a symmetrical collar neck design. In the neck of the kurtis there is a large Western shirt collar, which shows a solid color, which can offset the made print of the mercurial material. In the lower part of the neck, the goal V balances the collar and balances it down to give a symmetrical form to the small pipe border. This design can be done with blue and black or with other color combinations like orange and purple. The cut of the hut can be loose as much as you can loose and it can be worn on jeans and leggings for a great effect. This collar design is very good for heavy women as it throws away from the figure and the symmetry of the design gives a stronger shape for the cut-off reduction. You can combine it with a plain scarf and round earring for a great effect.

9 Double layer round neck kurtis
In this latest kurti neck design for kurtis, the round neck designs of the kurtis is offset from the straight layer of cloth on the bottom to add more volume in the neck. The round neck has a dark border which separates it from the heavy-textured upper chest fabric and the second layer of fabric is a contrast pattern that combines the horizontal volume into the neck design. It corresponds to the color of the bottom part of the kurtis. This design is ideal for a kurti, which you want to wear in events and looks good with Leggings and Salwar. Combine it with a pure hairstyle and a wide hairstyle for best effect. This design is very nice to give more quantity in upper area of the chest and connects Indian traditional design to a modern style of cut and layers to create a great Indo-Western look suitable for all types of traditional works.

10 Heavy embroidery collar neck kurtis
this latest back neck designs for kurtis is done with a small V-cut and standing collar. The cut is kept at a minimum and a glamorous effect is increased, a large embroidered pattern has covered the neck frames and the entire chest area. Since the stuff of kurti is an accomplished, the embroidery is very heavy and in the colors of the embroidery it is contrary to the black color of the subtle kurti. This design takes a very western and modern on kurtis and will look best with a pair of thin jeans.


11 Nehru collar neck design

Nehru collar neck design has been an integral part of the Indian Mens style for the trash. On this traditional yet modern Nehru collar back neck designs for kurtis, a stylish rose has a printed collar neck in the kurtis, and until the fitted kurti neck is not well the button is pressed until given. With the gold button, this collar holds a heavy eye for the neck design. This design has traditionally been used for men, ethnic wears. Gold was often a symbol of prosperity and prosperity. This design can also be applied to a monochrome kurti. Cutting curtains can be prepared for form fitting or one of the best effects and try to wear this design with perfect hair bread or a peak and leggings and do not have to expose the design more without duplicating.

For the kurtis the collar neck can be easily used and you can try to mix many designs. One of the most important things to remember with a collar neck design for kurtis is that they should highlight your best qualities. A deep neck can look good on some people and may not suit you if you if there is a heavy frame, try choosing the V shape collar back neck designs for kurtis or standing collar and avoid heavy chest marks and designs. To get a fuller look, try bold print and embroidery on the collar neck.