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  1. Bollywood Design Faux Georgette Silk Saree Blouse 101
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  2. Bollywood Design Orange Georgette Silk Sari Blouse 146
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  3. Rajasthani Design Georgette Maroon Saree n Blouse 137
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  4. Paisley Design Georgette Silk Orange Saree Blouse 135
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  5. Designer Georgette Silk Red Saree n Zari Blouse 126
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  6. Jaipuri Pink Color Georgette Silk Saree n Blouse 124
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  7. Designer Georgette Silk Green Saree n Zari Blouse 123
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  8. Paisley Design Wedding Green Georgette Silk Saree 121
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  9. Designer Georgette Silk Green Saree n Zari Blouse 115
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  10. Exclusive Latest Design Faux Georgette Silk Saree 110
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  11. Floral Design Party Wear Faux Georgette Silk Saree 109
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  12. Paisley Design Wedding Georgette Silk Saree Blouse 108
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  13. Designer Orange Georgette Silk Saree n Zari Blouse 148
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Faux Georgette - multicolor faux georgette saree with blouse

The Indian traditional saree has come a long way from being a daily to wear attire to taking the fashion world by storm. Among them faux georgette sarees are quite popular. Georgette saree is named after the French designer of the early 20th century, Georgetts de la Plante, this lightweight, easy and stylish sarees has made a special place in the heart and the closet of Indian women.

The origin of this fabric is in 20th century France. Madame Zorgette de la Plate introduced this beautiful cloth in the French fashion scene and it was widely used in the year 1915.  It is considered that the main basis of motivation for the georgette fabric was chiffon fabric though georgette is bouncier and less shimmering. 

Originally made of silk, modern georgette fabric is made of polyester and synthetic fibers. Clothing threads are very thin; making the clothes looks light and temporary. The pure georgette is made of silk, rayon or polyester, while faux georgette is used to weave polyester. Thin threads, which are used to make clothes, turn bent, allow the fabric to look its wrinkle. Since gozet clothes emphasize a woman's curves, so the Indian fashion designer experimenting with the fabric georgette to make sari. Nowadays there is a wide variety of georgette saris available in the market available in Satin Georgette, Viscos Georgette, Silk Georgette, Polyester Georgette and Nylon Georgette.

Georgette scores above Chiffon because they are not transparent as their cousins, so some conservative women can go for a faux georgette sari without any hesitation. In addition, the Georgette is a very versatile fabric and has a designer's dream to use. Some of the very well-known designers have experimented with Georgettes sari and gave them an ethnic turn by using Indian paisley designs and Mughal inspired designs. Therefore, these faux georgette sarees are booming and easy-to-wear designer sarees are fast emerging as one of the favorites of the Indian woman.

Different types of georgette sarees are available in different types and styles for every opportunity. Some of the most popular ones are plain georgette saris, wide designed and embroidery and gorgeous saris printed with designer gorges saris. Earlier, the clothes were only for the royal families because of its high price but the use of polyester and new technology has made it affordable for the common people. It is interesting to know that faux georgette is five times cheaper than pure georgette, but it gives the same quality and design. At present, the makers of faux georgette Sarees are increasing day by day, but most of them are located in Surat, Gujarat. However, online portal today offers a huge collection of designer faux georgette sarees at best reasonable prices. Hence, if you are not having one in your closet, this is your cue to buy yourself one without even having to step out of the house by the help of our online faux georgette sarees online store.