Hand Tufted Rugs

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Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand tufted rugs made in uk by Kartohome Rugs Company use best and top quality of wool so that the finished product appears and resembles much like a hand-knotted rug. Unlike a hand-knotted rug, a hand-tufted rug is created without tying knots. Hand tufted rugs proves ideal for the high traffic areas and can withstand many years of heavy use while keeping their original vibrancy.

Hand tufted rugs provides a multitude of potentialities in terms of patterns as well as shapes.

These hand tufted rugs will brighten up any space, and lend an easy stylishness that plays well with any of the decorating style. Kartohome hand tufted rugs comprises of classic and contemporary patterns, from the abstract to the ornate, and come in a varied range of colors.

At Kartohome, we also make available custom-designed, hand tufted rugs for our consumers for countries – uk, india, Australia, usa, etc, created particularly to meet their special prerequisites. Our hand tufted rugs made in uk can range from a precise colour to match an interior, to a tailored pattern or advanced textile tapestries.

The best feature of hand tufted rugs also has the capability to soak up noise efficiently and build up a pleasurable sound atmosphere.