Handloom Rugs

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Handloom Rugs

Kartohome as handloom rugs from india is known as a reputed brand in the place of home furnishing or floor covering products. Being a handloom rugs exporter in India, we make every effort to deliver only the best quality products, and these handloom rugs are no different. Handloom rugs meet us each and every parameter of design, color and pattern to add considerable value to the homes and interiors. Handloom rugs are manufactured from india as customized orders to cater to the specifics offered. The best feature of Kartohome handloom rugs are that our handloom rugs are manufactured from finest grades of raw materials

Handloom Rugs are available in Different

  • Sizes
  • Colors
  • Designs

Handloom Rugs are famous for:

  • Kartohome make perfect handloom rugs
  • Our handloom rugs are attractive
  • We use beautiful color combinations
  • Handloom rugs are of intricate designs
  • Longer lasting
  • Handloom rugs are easy to clean