Handmade Rugs

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Handmade Rugs

Kartohome is a leading rug company, specializing in handmade rugs for both residential and commercial interiors purposes. Handmade rugs jaipur offer the quality as well as minute attention to detail you can merely get from the careful and well-experienced hand of a skilled professional artisan. Meticulously crafted for enhanced durability, these handmade rugs make a solid investment as they are famous for there durability and o course come in a variety of designs.

Kartohome Handmade Rugs from jaipur are one of the distinguished manufacturers, suppliers as well as exporters of:

  • Handmade rugs
  • Handmade woolen rugs
  • Handmade area rugs
  • Handmade silk rugs

Most handmade rugs can be expected to hold up well in high traffic areas and their stability and attractiveness is evidence itself to the work and time that gets put into making them. All our handmade rugs are made with vegetable dye, and hand-spun wool from all across the world.