Wool Rugs

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Wool Rugs - pure wool shaggy rugs

Wool Rugs give comfort and warmness to your residence with a deep, luxurious and soft pile. Kartohome brings for you wool rugs which range incorporates a broad mix of traditional as well as contemporary designs. Just cover parts of your floor space with a quality, expertly crafted wool rugs made by our expert designers. Our freshly designed wool rugs or pure wool shaggy rugs will bring the entire appearance of your room altogether while providing exquisite comfort and gentleness underfoot.

Care tips for Wool Rugs:

  • You must rotate your wool rugs at least every six months to ensure even wear.
  • Wool rugs must be beaten outside in clear weather once per month, or as obligatory.
  • Sweep wool rugs with a broom at least once per week to remove dirt and soil.
  • Vacuum your wool rugs at least 2 to 3 times for each week, at minimum, to take out dirt and excess fuzz that may accumulate on the rug's surface.
  • You must steam clean your wool rugs twice per year using just water.
  • Blot up spills from wool rugs immediately using clean paper towels, but remember not to scrub.
  • Always use dry carpet cleaning foam to remove spots and dirts from wool rugs.

Kartohome’s wide selection of wool rugs and pure wool shaggy rugs offers a wide range of colors in every style from latest to traditional, so you're sure to find a wool rug that will look great in your home or office area.