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We all are aware that marriage is an important part of our lives as man is a social animal. But the planetary positions affect the chances of marriage yog. True marriage predictions free report provides you the detailed analysis and the remedies for the problems in marriage that can occur in the near future. True marriage predictions free lets you know the appropriate time when you can or should get married. And also which weak position of a planet will cause trouble in marriage and what measures can be taken to avoid them.

Similarly we are also made aware of whether we have early marriage yog or late marriage yog in kundli. So not much need to be done of the position of planets in kundli is favorable. On the opposite a lot need to be done if the position of planets is not in one’s favour.

Importance of accurate marriage prediction free:

True marriage predictions free is most needed when there is a possibility of late marriage in kundli where your planets are not in the right position. If a girl or boy is manglik then also there is least possibility of timely marriage. No matter how many good marriage proposals one get on a regular basis it just never reaches the final stage and face hindrances unnecessarily.

This is when true marriage predictions free comes into action. With true marriage prediction by date of birth we not only know of the obstacles causing this delay but also the malefic planets and where they are placed in kundli and hat can be done undermine their malefic effect. It also tells us when when these malefic planets are super active we must avoid any major decision taking.

Role of handmade kundli - Obstacles in marriage:

While analyzing true marriage prediction by date of birth report Experts says that in horoscope 6th, 8th and 12th is considered to be inauspicious and mars, shani, rahu-ketu are said to be callous planets. If these are in wrong house they can prove to be very bad for marriage yog and also already married couples. This can even lead to court cases and divorce between husband wife. So it is very important to do kundli Milan before getting married.

Main points to be considered during marriage prediction free analysis:

In the process of handmade kundli, we check - If the ruling planet of seventh house is good or bad and is influenced by which malefic planet is considered to find out what is causing the delay in marriage. Similarly which beneficial planet is properly positioned in seventh house decides the marriage yog and proves to be helpful in getting married.

We therefore need you to provide your correct birth details like birth time, place date of birth etc for our expert astrologers to analyze your kundli and we will provide you with the following in detail in regarding exact time of my marriage question:

  • Handmade Kundli (just like Astrological Handmade Tewa) with true marriage prediction by date of birth
  • Astrological Solution (Dosha Upay, Puja or Gemstone Suggestion)
  • Report availability: (Hindi and English) - marriage predictions free report as complimentary

mantras and devotional solutions for late marriages as per true marriage date prediction:

Often parents are worried about their children’s marriage and are disappointed and frustrated by the obstacles that come in the way of their marriages. There are true marriage predictions free solutions that can be adopted to make early marriage possible.

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Solution 1. If an unmarried person in the marriageable age mixes one spoon of turmeric or sandal in their bath, they can expect to see the early marriage results. Also if you gently move your hand over a cow and feed them potato mixed with turmeric or gurr then it helps you get married at early age and also removes obstacles causing delayed marriage. This will bring positive results when done along with giving full respect and care to your elders and if you have their blessings with you.

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Solution 2. On the evening of Thursday in shukla paksha lighting lamp (diya) with cardamom (eelaychi) and five different types of sweets and and their immersion (visarjan) in water for three consecutive thursdays is beneficial for an unmarried person to get married.

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Solution 3. More solutions as per true marriage predictions free - Offering bhel patra with kumkum and rice and raw milk to shivling proves very helpful in getting married. This is widely followed by both married and unmarried people for a happy and prosperous married life. Offering yellow sweetdish to lord ganesh is also very helpful to achieve early marriage result.


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